Life of photo shared on photo sharing platform

Let’s look at the journey of a photo shared on a photo sharing platform. It is very simple to share your photo with friends and family. Have you ever thought what happens to the creativity and the effort given to take the photo? The photo will stay on your profile for years and years and you will barely look back at those photos if ever right?

Now no more of the boring way of sharing photos. Let’s take photo sharing to the next level, rather than keeping your photo on your profile for years and years, let’s use your photo in the best possible way. How can you use your photo more than just sharing it?

The time is very close to bringing a new revolution to the photo sharing industry. Now you don’t need to leave your photo on your profile for years and years, let’s use your photo to monetize. Monetization from the video is very much popular, but let’s use your photo as well to monetize.

Now you might be thinking how this is going to happen. Walfi, the new photo sharing platform, will make it happen. We are introducing some new ways of sharing photos and monetizing from them as well. The storytelling in social media is very popular these days we thought to make your storytelling more interesting now. Let’s introduce a new way of the story, let people challenge others from their storytelling. Soon will post more information about how this challenge via storytelling will work.

Walfi will be available soon on your iOS and Android app stores. Stay tuned and spread it as much as you can, you can make the difference by sharing it with people. Let’s be part of a new movement, a new trend in photo sharing. A lot of new features coming on your phone to make your social media experience more exciting.

Please share with your connections, join the new revolution of photo sharing and help us bring the product to the market to benefit the society.

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We are Online Photo Sharing Social Networking Platform. We will be the Future Financial Wall of the Social Networking Industry.

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