Founder of Walfi Vikrant Khatri started this initiative after realizing how slim the options were for making money as an online content creator. Being an avid photographer, he realized there was a way to monetize images, much in the vein of YouTube, without having to write a script or edit video. Photography apps are common but there is nothing in the photography app market that allows you to upload, and get paid to do so.

Vikrant is looking to make internet revenue a universal possibility. A lot of people use social media and social media is founded on a basis of freedom of expression. The intention, of course, is to give people a chance to have a steady stream of income just by uploading and expressing themselves.

Walfi will be the first company to offer this opportunity to its users. When you upload for Walfi we will get you on the road to success, but it’s up to you how fast you drive.