Walfi: The Future of Photo Sharing Apps



Photo sharing has been on a slow build for years. Time was, to see a photo you’d have to go to someone’s parents house and look at shoddy amateurs depicting their precious moments through a poorly focused cheap portable from Tesco in their dusty old leather-bound album.

Now we lay our lives out on display for the world to see through photos… and the best part is we can make them look good. Photo editing software is now more accessible than ever and now we also have the joy of tapping a few buttons to show our friends that snap with the perfect high contrast filter that just makes your usually tired eyes POP.

YouTube has been monetizing videos for years now, making careers for those seeking glory through content creation. Photos have taken a back seat to moving images. Vine was perhaps the closest thing to selling yourself in as brief-a-time as possible, and they got bought out by Twitter and now we find photo exclusive apps like Instagram moving over to video to accommodate demand.

“Content Creators can make real money simply by uploading”

What if you could make money just by uploading what you might on any other app, through revenue set up by the very people you’re uploading to?

A new app is currently in development that can do just that. YouTubers know all too well how difficult it was to get started online, the journey from 1 to 1000 subscribers is often stated as the most difficult first step. At 1000 subscribers a channel is then given access to monetization options. For every ad viewed, they get a sum total of the revenue. For photo sharing apps building that audience is an easier task.

Walfi is going to give you, the user, the option to build revenue simply by having an account and an audience. The fact is, the term ‘Content Creator’ can now be applied to anyone with an iOS or Android device, and it is now a legitimate career path, no matter your interest.

With Walfi you’ll find every tool you’ll need to get started, from the simple yet familiar user interface, to the easy to set up ‘Get Paid’ system. Your work comes from creating the content, our work is to get you the revenue you deserve. Once set up on Walfi, you can upload your content, gain a following and, before you know it, get earning.

“Everyone with a iOS or Android Device is a Content Creator”

Walfi’s first few months are looking to build the foundations necessary to make your internet career a real prospect, we’ll need investors of both money and content, but this market is humungous, with thousands of ordinary people with an eye for a prize.

The release is set for December 2017 and will be available on iOS and Android devices, with a potential early release for beta in November.

Walfi will be the app that gives back.